1. In the coverage of WiFi

2. Turn on and enable WiFi device.

3. Select a correct SSID

  • "VTC-Staff" is for VTC full or part time staff use
  • "VTC-Student" is for VTC full or part time student use excluding short course student
  • "VTC-Guest" is for VTC guest use.  It is required to submit an application for WiFi guest account to DILWL LRC Help Desk (dilwl-its@vtc.edu.hk) through (your inviter) individual organization unit of VTC.   It need at least 3 working days to process.
  • "WiFi.HK via VTC" is for public use.  Account and password are NOT required but user must accept the terms of use.

4. Login by a correct account and password if required.

Remarks: DILWL = HKDI and IVE(Lee Wai Lee)

For detail of hardware/platform setup, please refer to the guideline in the web site: