If your PC was purchased before June 18, 2024, it does not have Windows Recall. If your PC was purchased after June 18, 2024, it might have Windows Recall depending on if you purchased a Copilot+ PC. 

Windows Recall is a new AI tool built-in to Windows 11 Copilot+ PCs that remembers everything you do on your computer. It enables the ability to semantically search for anything you've ever seen or done on your PC using natural language, and utilizes the neural processing unit (NPU) to process that information locally on device.

The feature works by taking snapshots of your screen every few seconds and storing them locally on your hard drive. The Windows Recall app consists of a search bar and timeline, which lets you scroll back through all the saved snapshots and can show you what was on your screen at any point.

If you don't want this feature, you can disable it.

1. Open Windows Settings (WIN+I)

2. Select "Privacy & Security" in the sidebar. 

3. Select "Recall & Snapshots." 

4. Toggle "Save Snapshots" to off.  

5. Select "Delete Snapshots." 

6. Select "Delete All."

7. Close Windows Settings.