Suspension of WiFi service

WiFi network in DILWL is unstable starting from 08:30 on 20 March 2019. ITSD is going to investigate. Please be patient.

You could use “Y5ZONE” instead of “VTC-Staff” or “VTC-Student” temporarily.

The WiFi network was resumed to normal about 16:30 on 20 March 2019 (Wed). If you still can’t connect to “VTC-Staff”, please reset/forget the WiFi connection once.

The VTC WiFi service was suspended from 08:10 on 5 Sept 2019.

The WiF service was resumed by ITSD about 11:00 on 5 Sept 2019

It was found that the VTC WiFi was not stable from 08:00 to 09:30 on 9 Sept 2019.

There is a problem on "VTC-Staff" WiFi Service from 08:30 on 10 Sept 2019.  ITSD is going to investigate.

The "VTC-Staff" WiFi service was resumed about 10:00 on 10 Sept 2019 by ITSD.

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